This home is on Maybelle Dr. in Westlake. Every room in this home had the same color walls (off white). The homeowner wanted to update the look with a more modern look. A color pallet of natural earth-tones was selected. As you can see from the before & after images, this home now has a warm inviting feel throughout the home.




After doing some prep work to the walls we gave the trim, doors and stairway spindles a white semi gloss finish and the stairway, hallway and foyer walls a neutral flat finish providing a clean neat look for anyone who walks in the door.

In the Master bedroom started off by doing some prep work to the walls, ceiling, and trim throughout the room. We applied the same semi gloss finish to the the trim in the master bedroom as we did to the trim in the hallways and stairway to help the rooms flow together. We then applied new ceiling paint to the ceilings and a Tranquil Blue flat finish from Benjamin Moore to the walls.






The next three bedrooms we did all had wall paper in them so we started out by removing the wallpaper and prepping the walls, ceilings and trim in each bedroom. All three bedrooms received new ceiling paint, semi gloss finish to the trim and Tranquil Blue flat finish to the walls throughout each room.