12 ways to make a ceiling look higher

Whether your ceiling are naturally low or you just want to make a room appear taller there are many cheap cosmetic solution that can be done. Here are a few tips to achieve visually taller ceilings.
1. Uncover the ceilings architectural structure.
Uncovering the ceilings architectural structure can physically give you more head room in your room. Although it will show pipes and duct work this is a viable option if you are a fan of industrial style decor.
2.Use recessed lighting.
Anything that is hanging from the ceiling can make the ceiling appear lower. Using recessed lighting will free up space making a room seem larger.
3.Remove crown molding.
Anything protruding from from a ceiling will make a room seem smaller. Getting rid of crown molding will free up a few inches making the room appear taller.
4.Paint the ceiling white.
Lighter colors can lift and lighten a room making the room appear taller than it actually is.
5.Paint the ceiling color down onto the walls.
Painting the ceiling color down onto the walls a little bit can psychologically make a room appear a few inches taller.
6.Use a high gloss finish for the ceiling.
Using a high gloss finish on the ceiling will add a mirror like finish to the ceiling and lighten up the room. The reflection of the walls from the mirror finish ceiling will make the room appear much larger.
7.Use a flat finish on the ceiling.
Using a flat finish on a ceiling will hide any minor flaws that may be present in your ceiling. A flat finish will make the ceiling disappear.
8.Paint vertical stripes on the walls.
Vertical stripes will draw the eyes upward towards the ceiling psychologically making the ceiling appear taller.
9.Choose low furniture.
Lower furniture create negative spacing in a room drawing the eyes upward making a ceiling appear taller.
10.Display items vertically.
Similar to painting vertical lines on the walls, hanging items vertically will draw the eyes upwards towards the ceiling.
11.Raise the hanging of curtains.
Raising and widening the hanging of your curtains will trick the brain into thinking the windows are larger than they actually are. Try hanging your curtains 6-12 inches above and to the sides of the windows.
12.Use mirrors.
Mirrors not only create more light in a room but they trick the brain into thinking the room has more square footage than it actually does.


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