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Selecting The Correct Finish

Picking a paint finish can make or break your room design so it is important to know what the differences are between them. On one end they can be extremely glossy finishes to completely flat finishes. The flat finishes are more of a chalky and matte finish. This helps hide flaws on the wall and
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Choosing the right brush for the job

Walking into the paint store and picking out a paint brush can be intimidating. With so many different types, shapes, and sizes it can all get very overwhelming. Its important to have the right paintbrush for the job. Here are some tips in making sure you have the right tool in your next painting adventure.
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Choosing the right drop cloth

When painting things can get quite messy and that is where drop cloths come in! There are multiple different types of drop cloths and it can be confusing to know which one to use in the right situation. Having new and freshly painted walls is no fun when all of your other
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Caulking Tips

Caulking can be a challenge at times unless you are doing it right. It is important to follow certain steps when you plan on caulking. These five tips will make your life a whole lot easier!
1.Make sure to apply painters tape before you caulk. This guarantees straight lines.
2.It is important to chose the
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Painting laser straight lines

One of the most important aspects of painting no matter what the project is, is being able to paint crisp straight lines. You might think just using painters tape should do the trick but you are wrong. Although painters tape is suppose to stop the painting from bleeding through it doesn’t always work. A majority
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Selecting a roller

Before beginning any paint job you must first select the correct roller for the job. When you walk into your local paint store or home improvement store you will notice that there are dozens of options when it comes to paint rollers. To simplify the selecting process I have created 3 easy to remember tips
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