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Primers, Sealers and Undercoats

The top coat of a painted surface is what everyone notices. Many people assume the top coat is the most important coat you apply to a surface. The truth is the primer, sealer and undercoat are just as important. What is a primer, sealer and undercoat? A primer is the first coat of paint applied
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How to fix dried paint drips

Paint dripping is a common problem amongst new or novice painters. A dried paint dripping can be very unsightly to look at but fixing the problem is easier than you may think. Paint drippings usually are caused by poor technique, many times from overloading the paintbrush or roller with too much paint at once. To
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How To Fix Wrinkled Paint

Wrinkled paint is another common problem that occurs amongst amateur and novice painters similar to that of paint drips. Paint wrinkles occur because the painter did not allow adequate drying time between coats. When the previous coat of paint is not fully dry and another coat is added on top of it, it creates a
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