How to fix dried paint drips

Paint dripping is a common problem amongst new or novice painters. A dried paint dripping can be very unsightly to look at but fixing the problem is easier than you may think. Paint drippings usually are caused by poor technique, many times from overloading the paintbrush or roller with too much paint at once. To fix a dried paint drip you will need these following materials:
1. A paint scraper or Windows scraper
2. Sanding sponge
3. Bucket of water
4. Towel
5. The same color paint you originally used for the wall

Step 1- Use the paint scraper or Window scraper and scrape back the paint drip. Try and scrape the paint so that it is even with the rest of the wall. Try not to scrape too deep and gouge the wall.
Step 2- Wet the sanding sponge in the bucket and ring it out so that the sanding sponge is damp but not soaked. Next sand the remaining paint of the drip and surrounding area smooth so that it is flush with the wall. The reason for wetting the sanding sponge is to prevent heat caused by friction while sanding. The dry sponge will heat up the paint and make it lift off the wall causing all sorts of problems.
Step 3- Clean the area of the drip with the towel, let any wet spot dry off. Once everything is dry and the drip is fixed to your satisfaction begin repainting the area.
Once all three steps are finished it will appear as if there was no drip in the first place.87519868_XS

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