5 tips when using a spray shield

A spray shield can be one of the most handy tools you can use when using your airless sprayer. The following tips will help you achieve a professional look when spraying any surface.

Angled edge
When use use your spray shield you will notice that the edge of your shield is angled. When using your shield always make sure they the angle is facing what you will be spraying. For instance if you are spraying ceilings and shielding your walls the angle will be facing upward and when spraying walls and shielding a ceiling the angle will be facing downward.

3 inches
When spraying start and finish your spray 3 inches from the edge of your shield. Doing so will ensure that you do not spray on any of your protected surfaces.

Spray inward
Always spray inwards towards your shield. If you spray straight into you shield the over spray will go everywhere.

Avoid spraying outside corners
When approaching an outside corner stop spraying. A spray shield will not protect from overspray even when holding the shield aligned with the corner.

Clean shield frequently
When spraying with your spray shield you have to make sure you clean the shield frequently. If you do not wipe the excess paint off of your shield the build up of paint will bleed through to the other side ruining your straight lines.



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