Why Black Trim Is The New Trend

Finding a color to paint your interior trim can be difficult. Feeling overwhelmed with picking a color? Why not mix it up and try black. Listed below are reasons why to paint your interior trim black!

  1. Bring energy to your space- “The high contrast between white walls and black or dark trim creates an eye-opening environment that can raise blood pressure.” – Designer Jessica Helgeron quotes when discussing the benefits to painting interior black. Using black can have the potential to create a fresh, bold, and different environment.
  2. Push over-the-top wallpaper: When using black trim with great detailed wallpaper, it can really help the room “pop” states designer Shelly Amoroso.
  3. Hide imperfections- Nothing is better then using black or a dark color when updating your home to hide those pesky little imperfections. With kids or pets in the home it can be very easy for scuff marks to happen. Black trim can hide scuff marks with no one knowing any better.
  4. Highlight a view- Framing your walls with black can capture the eye. This will be beneficial if you are trying to show an outside view. This approach is one you need to be careful with. Using dark trim can potentially take away and blend in with the view.
  5. Create the illusion with more architecture- When there is not a lot of architecture to work with, painting your trim black can create the appearance of more interesting structural features.
  6. Emphasize height- Using the color black has the ability to draw attention to that detail. Using darker colors in high ceiling spaces can have a dramatic affect. This is not recommended with low ceiling height.

There are many possibilities when it comes to picking the right color for your home. Why not mix it up?!


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