Airless paint sprayers: Pros and Cons

Airless sprayers have become a more common tool in the world of painting over the last several years. Paint sprayers use to be only used by commercial painters and big building painter but over the last several years with sprayer technology becoming more advanced more and more do it yourself have using sprayers. Although using an airless sprayer does have its benefits it also has its cons. An airless sprayer can make painting easier in two ways. First of all it can speed up the painting process especially if the job you are doing requires several gallons of paint or more. Second, if you want a smooth finish on trim or doors, an airless sprayer can give you a brush free finish making your surface look glass like. There are some downsides to using an airless sprayer. First, when spraying a lot of fine paint particles won’t stick to the surface and will float around in the air, this is called over spray. Over spray can be managed by taking extra time covering and masking off every surface that you do not want paint to get on. The other downside of using an airless sprayer is the extra time it takes to clean up the spray gun and flush the paint from the hose and pump. Cleaning the sprayer after every use is an absolute must in order for it to operate for the next job. When storing the sprayer you need to run a special storage fluid through the machine to keep it working for the next time.


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