Best Tools For DIY Trim Painting

Hiring a professional painter is not always an option for some people. Whether it be due to financial reasons, timing or “social distancing” sometimes you may need to take on your paint project yourself. The following tools are necessary for any paint project you may have take on. 

Paint deglosser/ sand paper- Before converting any stained wood to paint you must remove the layer of polyurethane or protective coating from the wood. Sand paper is usually the option I choose to tackle this task. Sand paper works excellent however it can cause quite a bit of dust. If you want to avoid the mess you can opt for a deglosser.

Tack cloth- before you begin the painting you will need to clean your surface free of any dust or debris. Tack cloths work great in removing small tiny bits of dust  leaving the surface 100% dust free.

Painters tape- painters tape is a must for DIY painting. You should choose a high quality painters tape such as frog tape for the best results.

Quality brush/roller – spending the extra money and choosing a high quality brush and roller for the job is worth it. High quality tools such as brush and rollers will leave you with much better results than the cheaper options. 

Caulk/caulk gun- in order to fill gaps between the baseboard and wall or between to joining pieces of trim you need to caulk the gaps. Filling in these gaps will make everything seem more uniform and appealing to the eye 

Best Tools for DIY Painting – Maison de Pax

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