Choosing the correct finish

Paint can come in a variety of finishes that are either oil based or latex based. Latex based paint is the preferred paint choice among painters and homeowners. Latex based paint is less prone to fading than oil based paint is. latex based paint  is also  easy to clean up, long lasting and durable.  Oil based paint does have its benefits, it is great for priming real wood moldings and trim. Personally I prefer to use an oil based primer on wood and trim and a latex based paint as the top coat. When choosing a finish its important to remember that the glossier the finish the easier it is to clean up. I always recommend using a glossier finish paint in bathrooms, kitchens, trim, woodwork and play rooms basically any high traffic area that is prone to getting dirty. When using a glossier paint it is also important to remember that the glossier the paint the more blemishes and imperfections will show through the wall. This is why putting attention into prep work is vital for the overall look of the wall and prep work is one of the many things we excel at at Westlake Interior Painting.  Flat finish also know as a matte finish has the least amount of shine. A flat finish is the best choice for covering up imperfections and bumps in the wall. Eggshell finish also known as a satin finish is a little glossier than a flat finish. An Eggshell finish is easier to clean than a flat finish and can be used in high traffic areas. Semi gloss paint is perfect for high traffic areas and trim and is glossier than the other finishes mentioned. If the wall is not prepped perfectly imperfections can show. Gloss paint has the highest gloss finish it is great for trim, windows and furniture.

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