Choosing the correct painters tape

The key to any good paint job is preparation and proper equipment. Choosing the correct painters tape to use on your painting project is very important. There are many options of painters tape out there and each type is made for specific applications. First you need to know what kind of surface you will be adhering the tape too. If you are adhering your tape to wood, plaster, stucco, drywall, metal, flooring, glass and plastic then using a multi surface tape will be your best option. If adhering to brick use a tape specifically designed for adhering to brick If using tape on a surface that was recently painted or a delicate surface that you do not want to ruin the finish then use a delicate surface tape. Carefully read on the package what surface the tape is designed to adhere to. Another important thing to look at is if the tape is UV resistant. Make sure the tape you are applying can be left in direct or indirect sunlight without baking the tape. If the tape is not UV resistant then you will come across many issues while removing the tape. Not all painting projects are finished in a day so it is important to select a tape that can be left on a surface for a weekend or week and won’t damage the surface when removed. Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not the tape is Interior or exterior. Using interior tape on and exterior project will result in low adhesion while using an exterior tape on an interior project may cause damage to the surface.

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