Choosing the right brush for the job

Walking into the paint store and picking out a paint brush can be intimidating. With so many different types, shapes, and sizes it can all get very overwhelming. Its important to have the right paintbrush for the job. Here are some tips in making sure you have the right tool in your next painting adventure.

There are three different types of brushes to chose from. Natural-bristle brushes which is used with oil based paints, shellac, and varnishes. Blended nylon/polyester brushes works well with all types of latex paints.Polyester brushes are also best for latex paints.

There are three different brush ends you should familiarize yourself with. A chisel trim brush is used when you need a straight line for trimming. A square trim brush is used for flat surfaces. and an Angled cut brush is used for window and door trims.

Last but not least it is important to know the basic brush style to paint with. If you are painting large flat surfaces you may use flat and trim brushes. A wall brush style is used to also paint larger surfaces but the difference between this brush and the previous ones mentioned is that it does not need to be used on a flat surface. The Angel sash brushes are used for cutting and trim.

I hope this information can give you some of the basics to help you pick the proper paint brush.

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