Choosing the right drop cloth

When painting things can get quite messy and that is where drop cloths come in! There are multiple different types of drop cloths and it can be confusing to know which one to use in the right situation. Having new and freshly painted walls is no fun when all of your other stuff around it is covered in paint. Here are some tips to pick the proper drop cloths:

1. Canvas drop cloths are the sturdiest and most durable of them all! They are able to absorb the paint and does not leak through. Canvas drop cloths are reusable and can last for many years. The downside of them being the most durable is that they are the most expensive.

2. Plastic drop cloths are best used to cover furniture, cabinet covers, lawn, and landscaping. These plastic drop cloths come in different thicknesses and mostly are able to be reused. The down side of these drop cloths is that it does not absorb and it can run and leak through.

3. Paper drop cloths are inexpensive and used to cover windows or sometimes even furniture. These are not reusable and when you are done you do not need to worry about storing them anywhere.

4. Paper/poly drop cloths are the best of both worlds of paper and plastic. They absorb the paint drips, the protect what they are covering, affordable, and disposable. The only downside of these drop cloths is they can easily tear.

Play around and experiment and see which drop cloth works best for you. Make sure to clean the area and floors before putting down the drop cloths. Plastic and paper drop cloths move around easily so it is important to use painters tape to make sure they do not move. When you have everything looking the way you want it, allow the drop cloths to dry before storing them.

Finding what right type of drop cloth for you can change your whole painting game and can make a world of difference!

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