How To Clean Trim

Wood trims and baseboards can brighten up any room but they do require cleaning to keep it looking sharp. Here I will share with you some recommended tips and tools in taking care of your wood trim and baseboards. 

There are different types of cleaners to use depending on the types of baseboards in your home. If you painted your wood trim all you will need is soap and water to keep it clean and tidy. On clear coated or stained wood trim, it is recommended to use a natural wood cleaner. Nothing fancy! When you have rough, unfinished trim, it only requires some dusting.  Using a microfiber dusting cloth can go along way for achieving a maintenance clean. Soft wipes, bucket, and a ladder for when you are doing a more detailed clean. If there is a detail in the design, you can utilize a tooth brush to get into all of the crevices. 

Here are some easy basic steps to clean: 1. dust 

2. Fill bucket with warm water and add 1/4 cup of Murphys oil soap.

3. Wipe trim with soft rag dipped lightly in cleaning solution. 

Set up a cleaning schedule bi-weekly or monthly to stay on top of everything! This makes the trim look fresh, clean, and last longer!

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