How to properly paint your homes exterior

Painting the exterior of your home can be a huge project. It can seem overwhelming not knowing where to start or what to do first. The first step you need to do is pressure wash the exterior of the house. Pressure washing the home is essential in the painting process. By pressure washing your house you remove and dirt, grime, debris and loose chipping paint. Next you are going to want to patch up any chips or holes on your house. Walk around your house sparkling any damaged surfaces and sanding them with a medium grit sand paper after they dry. The next step is to scrap any remaking loose or chipped paint that may be on your house. After you complete that step you are going to want to caulk any gaps around the windows, doors and trim. The next step is to spot prime any stains you may come across with a stain blocking primer. Once the house is power washed, patched, caulked and primed the next step is to tape off and protect any doors, windows and lights so as to not get any paint on them. The final step is to finally paint your house there are different methods to apply paint to the exterior of a house. You can use a roller a brush or an airless sprayer to apply the paint.


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