How To Remove Wallpaper

Removing old peeling wallpaper is a great way to freshen up any room in your house but remember removing wall paper can be a very tedious and messy job. The tools you need for the job include a metal putty knife, an empty spray bottle and a scoring tool. Whenever your removing wall paper you should focus on removing no more than a  3-4 square foot section at a time, doing this allows you to focus your attention onto one area making sure that the entire area is 100% complete before moving onto the next. The first step is to prepare the walls and the room you are working in. You/re going to want to remove everything from the walls and move any furniture that is in your way, if the furniture is too heavy to move just throw a drop clothe over it to protect it from any wet wallpaper that may fall onto it. Next your going to want to score the area you are working on with a scoring tool. The scoring tool puts little holes into the wallpaper allowing the water to soak in behind the wallpaper. The next step is to spray warm water onto the wall paper you just scored, you’re going to want to make sure the section you sprayed is relatively soaked. Now your going to want to give the warm water some time to soak into the wallpaper, ten minutes should be plenty of time. Finally its time to grab your putty knife and scrape off the wallpaper. The wet wallpaper should come off easily if it doesn’t score and soak again. I recommend placing a garbage can next to you as you work so you can place the wet wallpaper you just scraped off into the can to help keep the mess to a minimum.


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