How To Store And Use Leftover Paint

No matter the size of the job it is almost a guarantee you will have some paint left over after all the work is done. Storing leftover paint rather than just tossing it is a good idea because you never know when you may have to make a touch up the whatever it is that you painted. Most people tend to just throw their left over paint in the garage or a shed and leave it there, but storing paint in an area that is prone to extreme temperatures is a bad idea. Area such as a garage, shed or storage unit tend to go through extreme changes in temperatures throughout the year from very hot to very cold. These extreme temperatures changes will change the consistency of the paint making it unusable. Ideally the best place to store paint is in a cool dry basement if you do not have a basement a closet somewhere in your house will work just fine. The two factors that are most important when finding a place to store paint is to find a place that has low-moisture and temperature control. When you finish a job and your ready to seal the paint can up it is important to remember these tips. First your going to want to clean the excess paint out of the sealing rim of the paint can, doing this keeps the paint out of the grooves making it easier to seal the can as well as making the seal stronger. Secondly put a layer of plastic wrap around the seal to create a gasket doing this assures that the seal is air tight so no airflow can get into the can. Finally it is important to remember not to beat the lid onto the can with a hammer doing this can deform the top of the can causing all sorts of problems. When its time to use your leftover paint first don’t start shaking the can right away first you need to open the can and asses the condition of the paint. Odd are there will be a thin layer of film formed over the paint, this does not mean the paint is unusable you just simply have to remove the layer of film then mix the paint and it is ready to use. It is important to remember to remove the layer of film before using the paint, if you do not remove the film before mixing it will cause the paint to come out in lumpy globs and you will have to run the paint through a strainer before using it.

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