How To Thin Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is much more durable than water based paints. Although water based paint is much more common to use for interior painting there are times when oil based paint is is a better option. Due to its durability oil based paint is great for using on trim throughout the house such as base boards, door jams, stair rails, doors and so on. Unlike water based paints, oil based paint takes much longer to dry and has a much stronger odor. Many times when using oil based paint the paint will be too thick to use you will want to thin it out. The consistency of your paint should be similar to the consistency of a heavy cream. When thinning oil based paint you will need gloves, a container and mineral spirits. First, pour your paint into the container making sure that you remove any large chunks or dried paint. Next, add one part of mineral spirits for every three parts of paint. Grab a mixing stick and start mixing the mineral spirits and oil based paint together. Test the paint on a test surface to make sure you’ve achieved the right consistency. If it is still too thick then add more mineral spirits if it is too thin then add more oil based paint. When you’ve achieved the right consistency you may begin your project.
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