Painting laser straight lines

One of the most important aspects of painting no matter what the project is, is being able to paint crisp straight lines. You might think just using painters tape should do the trick but you are wrong. Although painters tape is suppose to stop the painting from bleeding through it doesn’t always work. A majority of the time paint will bleed through getting onto the surface that you taped off. A trade secret from painting perfectly straight lines involves tape and caulk. When using the tape and caulk method you will need a clear paintable caulk, on some occasions a white paintable caulk is ok to use. To use this technique you start by taping off the surface you want to paint. Next, apply a bead of caulk along the edge of the tape. Run your finger along the edge pressing the caulk into the edge. Doing this creates a seal that prevents paint from bleeding through the tape. Next, paint over the caulk and tape, just like you would normally. Once you have painted the edge it is important to remember to pull the tape off before the caulk dries. If you allow the caulk to dry before you pull the tape it will destroy your edge causing a huge mess. Once you master this technique you will be able to create perfectly straight, crisp paint lines.


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