Selecting a roller

Before beginning any paint job you must first select the correct roller for the job. When you walk into your local paint store or home improvement store you will notice that there are dozens of options when it comes to paint rollers. To simplify the selecting process I have created 3 easy to remember tips when selecting a roller.

TIP 1: For general painting such as a single wall or a bathrooms I would recommend using a 9-inch roller, a 14- or 18-inch roller is ideal for coating large ceilings and walls in a short amount of time, and a small roller is ideal for wainscoting and door panels.

TIP 2: The nap length of your roller should be determined by the roughness of the surface you are about to paint. For smooth surfaces such as plaster a ⅛- to ⅜- nap length is recommended for lightly textured drywall a ⅜ to ½-inch nap is recommended and a ¾ to 1 inch nap is ideal for textured surfaces, like stucco or brick.

TIP 3: When using latex paint, a roller with polyester or nylon fibers work the best. When using oil based paints, a roller with natural fibers, like mohair and lamb’s wool work the best. Foam rollers are great for achieving a smooth finish on trim and moldings.

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