Selecting The Correct Finish

Picking a paint finish can make or break your room design so it is important to know what the differences are between them. On one end they can be extremely glossy finishes to completely flat finishes. The flat finishes are more of a chalky and matte finish. This helps hide flaws on the wall and absorb light. Semi-gloss finishes are for rooms with a high light source. These finishes give off a shiny appearance and are mostly used on areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, closet doors, and trim. Satin finishes are similar to semi-gloss finishes but have more of a warm pearl like finish. These finishes are great for resisting dirt’s and stains which is good to use in rooms that are used most frequently such as bedrooms or hallways. High-gloss finishes give your walls a more intense and cheerful color. It’s important to only use this when very few flaws will be shown because the finish makes the flaws more seen to the viewer. Latex or oil based paint finishes work well to use for metal or masonry surfaces. Take your time to pick out the right finish to finish your job!

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