Selecting The Correct Paint Sheen

Knowing which paint sheen to select for your job is very important in producing a high quality finish. There are 5 basic paint sheens all ranging in different levels of shininess. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is the shinier the paint sheen the more durable the paint will be once dried. 

A High gloss sheen is the most durable finish as well as the shiniest. A High gloss finish is best used in cabinets and trim, area that may receive a lot of traffic and touching.

Semi gloss finishes are great to use on trim and cabinets as well as walls in high traffic areas or areas that may attract a lot of moisture such as a bathroom.

Satin finishes can be used similarly to semi gloss finishes the only difference is they are slightly less shiny and slightly less durable than semi gloss and gloss.

Eggshell finishes are the most popular sheen chosen for walls. Eggshell finishes slightly hide imperfections in the walls but are still cleanable.

Flat finishes are best used on ceilings and low traffic areas. Flat paints hide imperfections very well however cannot be cleaned.

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