Tips To Making A Room Appear Larger

Painting is a great way to make smaller rooms appear larger. By choosing the correct colors you will be able to trick the eyes into thinking a room is larger than it really is. Since light can reflect off of lighter colors, lighter colors can make a room seem more open and airy. Darker colors tend to absorb the light making a room seem smaller. When choosing your trim color it is important to make the trim color lighter than your wall color. By choosing a lighter trim color the walls will appear farther back thus making the room seem a little bit larger. Lighting can also help deceive the eyes into thinking a room is larger. The more light a room has the larger it will appear. Natural lighting has the biggest impact on this trick. An obvious tip is to declutter your room. The less junk and unnecessary furniture you have the more space you will have. Placement of mirrors can also help tremendously. By placing mirrors at focal points of the room you can create the effect of depth.

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