What’s The Difference Between Primers

Whether its Interior or exterior, a primer is a necessity for almost all Painting projects. Latex based, oil based and shellac based are the three types of primers you can choose from. Each primer has there own benefits and choosing the correct one depends on the type of project you are doing.
Latex based primers
Latex primer is the more environmentally safe and cleaner option. Latex primers are easy to clean up using water and emit fewer odors and VOCs. When working with new wood latex primers are a fine choice as they bond well and leave a smooth finish. When priming the exterior of a house a latex based primer is the ideal choice. Latex based primers remain flexible even after drying allowing them to expand and contract with the exterior wood. Latex primers are also ideal for priming interior drywall that will be top coated with latex based paint.
Oil based primers
Oil based primers are a more durable long lasting choice. Oil based primers soak into wood more than latex primers do. When working with old weathered wood, oil based primers are the best choice. Since oil based primers are more durable than latex primers they are not as flexible and do not expand and contract with with wood quite as well as latex primers do. Since they do not expand and contract they tend to loose adhesion and chip off over time more often than latex based primers. When cleaning up oil based primer mineral spirits are needed.
Shellac based primer
Shellac based primers contain denatured alcohol so when used they can kill bacteria and eliminate odors. Shellac primers are also great for covering water, nicotine and heavy stains. Shellac based primers also dry extremely fast allowing you to top coat in as little as 45 minutes after applying.

What’s the Difference: Primers

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