Why You Should Paint Your Interior Doors Black

For most households the color of their interior doors are white or off white and they have been that way for years. By adding some ebony paint to your door it creates a  sophisticated and classy feel to any room. If you have any other black accent pieces in a room whether it be a piece of furniture a picture frame or even a design in your curtains a black door is wonderful at complimenting other black accents really tying the whole design of your room together. Black paint can also make a boring stock door seem special. Just by painting a door black it brings a sense of elegance to the door itself. In my opinion the best thing about painting a door black is that it doesn’t show fingerprints. Anybody who has ever had a white or light colored door knows the struggle of having to wipe off and clean up smudge marks left by people hands. A black door is also great for marking a destination. If the room you are going to paint the black door in is painted with mostly light colors having a black door can set a focal point on the entrance and exit of a room. I do however recommend not using black doors in a long hallway that has many doors as it can make the hallway look dark and chaotic. If you have dark floors in your house whether it be dark hardwood or dark colored carpet I highly recommend black doors. White or light colored doors would look fine with dark floors but when you add black doors to your already dark floors it helps with the flow of the house, helping to extend the feel the floors from room to room. Finally painting your doors black can make the ceiling in any room seem taller. This works because contrast draws the eye so when you have a black door in a light room it draws the eyes up making the ceiling appear taller. black-color-painting-ideas-interior-doors-2


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